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Ser Koquonfaes


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Posted 01 June 2015 - 03:46 AM

Hey everyone. This is my first post here.



C: Co-D-S29

A: AC-129

L: L2MA-131






R ARM: AM/GGA-206 (PWR tuned)

L ARM: AM/BRA-224 (PWR tuned)



KE 2040

CE 1544

TE 1005


Booster: 128

HB: 300


Stability: 1075

Turning: 723

Recoil Resist: 1212

En Recovery: 6527

Load: 5469 / 5689


This is a MBP used by one of my UNACs. It fights at ~210m. The focus is on High Boost dodging and rapid fire. I'm trying to improve its firepower, speed, EN recovery, and stability but I'm really hesitant on lowering the defenses just for those, even if those defenses probably aren't worth it. Can anyone help here? I'm still new to the meta so I don't really know much aside from the basics. As can be seen, the AC is pretty shoddy.

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Posted 01 June 2015 - 10:05 PM



First up, Midweights make poor UNACs - a UNAC cannot be properly programmed to take enough advantage of a Midweight's positive traits. Don't get me wrong, it can be done; I just wouldn't recommend it outside of duels and 2v2s since in a full team setting a Midweight that doesn't have the discretion necessary to remain in cover (IE: UNACS) will be quickly focused down and picked off due to its low defensive spread and average bulk.


If you really want a (stronger) MW/MBP UNAC, you might want to opt for the Cinto legs, a TE Core, and a bulkier CE Arm. A functional all-purpose weapon set that would fit on this frame might be Calendula and Strekoza, backed by some High Speed Missiles and a ULR-09/R behind the Strek for coverage against Quads and faster ACs. Mind you, this is quite heavy and needs a free bay to leave room for some internals.


Credit to a JP UNAC Tournament build that was especially functional and fits the criteria you seem to be looking for. 


Frame and Weapon Set Image Translation



As for your current build, you're very slightly above average in speed, but slightly more below the bar in terms of Armor and AP. Improving your firepower is going to be a hassle because the Denali legs (L2MA-131) don't have a lot of loading capacity to work with. I would say to drop the Gatling Gun because it is quite heavy and does not give the build much benefit over a second battle rifle. Your speed can only be patched up by a more powerful booster, in this case, and your EN recovery is already as high as it can get considering the build runs Suzumushi. A more standard frame choice of CE Head, TE Core, and CE Arms might improve your EN recovery by a modest amount, but don't count on it.


As for defenses, the frame hits important defense numbers for a mid but do not exactly serve any practical purposes. I'll go through some specifics really briefly. KE is nice, above the 1870 benchmark. CE is very high for a Midweight, you really only need just over 1000 or 1112 if you happen to be paranoid about the Kalong. TE is above the critical/typical 834 TE, but below some important Pulse Gun numbers, such as 1065 - lacking this defense threshold in this case may turn the build in a horrible sizzling wreck against other Midweights which will carry Pulse Guns, namely the Niodori mdl.1, to kill other Mids.


AP is maybe only 700 points below average. Don't fret about that much.




Regarding the AC in its current form, however, we have a lot that needs patching up.


First and foremost, if the AC is fighting at 210 range and it is running a 350 FCS, we'll need to fix that to cut back on inefficiency. This is especially concerning for your weapons, because if the enemy gets in close without having been thinned out considerably, the build will get chewed up. Further, I'm not a fan of Gats on a Midweight. You can swap to a rifle and easily have room for another weapon, which will dramatically improve your ACs coverage options. A Lotus is an alright option, but as this build is not exactly suited to long range combat, I suggest any other Battle Rifle. AS Missiles are nice - keep them if you wish, but other options are available.




- To anyone else following this, let me know if I missed anything. I do not normally mess around with Mids I cannot recognize at a glance and likely forgot something critical which is taken for granted on other ACs.

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Posted 02 June 2015 - 06:41 AM

can someone link this JP UNAC tournament?

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