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ACVD 1.07: Primal HBP - CQB Variant

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Posted 18 June 2015 - 12:00 AM

Quick rework of 4th Blue - Primal.

A Cookie-Cutter HBP Frame outfitted with dedicated CQB gear and internals. It plas just as good as it looks.













Normal 117
HB 275


AP 38431

KE 1674
CE 2097
TE 2927


Stab 1048
RR 1164
Turning 707
Combat EN 3108

Leftover Loading Capacity 2363



This build is actually garbage amazing. That or I'm just Lucky 'N Bad.tm


It plays exactly how you would think. I find that I like it better than Lightweights with similar weapons. This is probably because I love Heavies, and also probably because the extra Bulk lets me make some amazing trades and not have to worry about being melted by the usual suspects.


Other than making you feel like God Jesus Moses Sash? an actually skilled player, the AC is just hella fun to use. If you aren't familiar with the Dual Shotgun // Dual Pulse Gun (DSG//DPG) match up, I really do suggest picking up a similar build and trying it for yourself. Where Strek CQB is a good way to learn how to position yourself to get hits, Shotgun CQB is a great way to learn how to make single-shot trades and evaluate your offensive options.


Oh, and if you question my use of a Sub, I suggest you try the build without the Sub first and then put it on after you play a few games - the difference in how responsive the shotguns are is night-and-day, and it really makes a difference against other heavies where you absolutely need to get in a hit and get out before they can punish you or recuperate.


Shotguns in their effective range can do upwards of 3k damage, capping out at about 6k if you land both blasts. I'm tempted to replace one of the USGs with a Zinnia and maybe throw on a 3BR for good measure, but the AC as it is is far to much fun in its current state. A word of warning, though, if you aren't in effective range with the Shotguns, you will plink for less than 1k damage. Considering you only have 35 shots in each arm, you need to make them count. Don't be frivilous with your weapons and always alterate fire unless you know you have a good shot lined up and can get your 6k. Better to get a 3k or 4k hit in than gamble between 6k and nothing, in my book.


Anyhow, give it a shot or give it a critique. I figured I'd do my best to spice up the garage with a build that might be interesting for people to look over.


  • Pics later if attachments on this site work properly.


EDIT: Be advised that an Amp is definitely an option. Amped Mahaon is nothing to mess with.

EDIT 2: I'm silly and forgot to post stats.

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Posted 18 June 2015 - 05:34 AM

Ya that weapon set up is amazing, I just built a midweight with pulse guns and shotties yesterday.. I opted for the 6 shot short range ce missiles instead of the subs tho, they work nicely against other lightweights that have similar weapon setups.

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