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ACVD Arena Ranking

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Posted 01 October 2015 - 05:49 AM

To sign up for the arena and participate, please fill out this form: http://eepurl.com/bBsxP9. If you would just like to receive notifications of matches, results, etc, then do not submit your PSN. 
All notifications will be posted through Mailchimp from that Email, and it will be where you report match results as well.

A preview of the new ACVD Arena ranking format is available here:



You should be able to open this by selecting "Open with:" and then "Google Docs". If not, you can download and open in excel.


Each player has a page, within it you can see the formulas used to calculate the +/- points from each match that result in each player's new Elo rating. Comments are enabled, as long as they aren't abused.


I have included the semi-finalists from Skillbreaker (whose 3 out of 5 matches do qualify for normal point status) as well as grandfathered in the old rankers based on their W/L ratios using the new 100-K-Factor Arena values. Rankers with no results from either the tournament or the previous Arena were not included. When the rule set is posted, each player from Skillbreaker that was not a prior participant in the Arena will be asked if they wish to continue having their points tracked in the Arena.


Players that wish to no longer be a part of the Arena (including Skillbreaker Participants) can email the address above, and will have their sheets and ranking removed. However, the results from prior matches that affect others rankings will stay. 


A full list of rules will be up sometime this week after people have some time to review the changes. However, here's a summation of the way matches will be ran: 


Normal Matches:

- Can be reported once a day.

- Same pair of players cannot report more than once a week.

- Both players agree prior to the start of the normal match that it will count toward points. There is no penalty for declining. 

- Disputes over format or results will prevent both players from reporting any normal match results for 1 week.

- Individual parts bans are allowed, enforced equips (forcing the other player to use a particular part/class of parts, such as a leg restriction) are not. 

- Loser counterpicks the map, but random is allowed.

- Winner is first to two consecutive wins, but players may agree to do best 3 out of 5 instead at any point, provided they start over when the format is changed. Once done, they cannot go back to two consecutive wins. Best 2 out of 3 or single match wins are not allowed.

- Match time can be 5, 10, or 15 minutes.

- Time-outs and draws do not count toward any results. 

- W/L points go to Normal Score with a K Factor of 20.

- Tournament/Exhibition matches that meet most of these rules may be included as well.


Arena Matches:

- Can be reported once a week.

- Players can challenge any player ranked above them, within 1.1x their Normal Points rating, or the rank directly above themselves.

- Players may issue a challenge, after 2 weeks if the defending player has not accepted and fought, the challenger wins by default, however it is counted as a normal victory (K factor 20), not an Arena match.

- After winning a challenge, during any time left between the fight and the 2 week deadline the winner cannot be challenged by any other player.

- Both players must report the same results (number and order of wins). If there is a dispute that cannot be resolved, both players will be unable to issue a challenge for 2 weeks afterward and the results of this challenge will be discarded.

- Parts bans are not allowed.

- Winner is decided the same as normal matches. The defending player may, prior to fighting, choose to do the match as best 3 out of 5, or two consecutive wins. 

- Loser must counterpick maps. Random is not allowed.

- Match time must be 10 minutes.

- Time-outs and draws do not count toward any results.

- W/L Points go to Arena Score with a K factor of 100.

- Tournament/Exhibition matches 



Some general notes about how the Elo ratings affect rankings:


1. The bigger the difference in points between players, the more reward there is for the lower ranker and the lower the reward for the higher ranker.

2. Rewards are based on the Expected Score, a score of 1 being a guaranteed win, 0.5 being a 50/50 chance, and 0 being no chance of a win. 

3. The K-Factor is the total reward available. A K-Factor of 100 means that if there a .5 expected score, 50 points will be added to the winner, and 50 subtracted from the loser. The closer the expected score gets to 1 (large points difference between the two, almost guranteed win for the player), the fewer points a player can win from a match. 

4. The Normal Score and Arena Score are combined to get the total rank value. 

5. The Normal and Arena score both have an average of 1000, so a ranker with 2000 total score is average, over 2000 is above-average. A ranker with 2000 total score or less, is below average.

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Posted 05 October 2015 - 05:56 AM

Sign Up Form is now here: http://eepurl.com/bBsxP9

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