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Ideas for an AC mobile game

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Posted 24 October 2015 - 11:43 AM

This post is just for fun and I thought I'd share it (inb4 rational people who'll point out development costs and small user base and AC6 better not be a mobile game)

  • Base idea is a social multiplayer Formula Front.
  • 20 or so AI Rankers so the player can get used to the game.
  • Multiplayer is your AI AC/UNAC/u-AC/ vs other players' in fast matchmaking. There should be leaderboards for Ranked Battles and Free battles. Can't decide if it should be 1vs1 or team based.
  • Professional sports-like atmosphere. Formula Front already had this with the in-game teams looking like NHL or NBA teams, and the whole Formula league really feeling like a pro sport. Esports are also more popular than ever these days so the game can use that current trend to get more audience appeal (if you'll forgive the degree of casul in that wording).
  • AC designing should lean more towards 3rd Gen or 4th Gen to avoid the counter-build issues in 1vs1 AC fights due to the KE-CE-TE defense system. Unless AC fights become team based, because that's the only way I can think of balancing that defense system.
  • AC programming should be as deep as Verdict Day's, while also taking some stuff from Formula Front (like, "bunny hop for x amount of seconds" chip before switching to "overboost continuously" chip).
  • All AC parts should be unlocked from the get-go, but tuning should be done manually.
  • Option to "merc" your UNAC builds, making their blueprints publicly available for other people to use and edit. There'd be some kind of "Architect rep" system where players are rewarded for making their builds available for everyone.
  • Game should give plenty of options for testing your ACs. Give the player all the available maps. Let the player fight their own ACs or those "merced" ACs. Unlike Verdict Day, Formula Front lets you change maps in AC testing.

I can already see a huge amount of game design issues (novelty, no progression, repetition, fighting and designing is the only thing you do, you can't pilot the AC yourself so what's the point?, etc), but this post is just for fun anyways, so whatever. Been floating on my mind a few days now.

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