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Defensive End

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Posted 13 December 2016 - 02:24 PM

I built this bad boy a while back.  I put hours into this unit. 



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Posted 13 December 2016 - 04:13 PM

I have a terrible sneaking suspicion about this, lemme build it:

​OMG I knew it. 1216 KE defense.

You take effective damage from Power Autos. That you have 58K AP is completely irrlevant, you will be dead in seconds. Your KE Shield is a stopgap, against a power auto it comes off in a reasonable amount of time but you usually find a power auto paried with a HEAT Cannon, which will break your sheild and stun you. To top it all off you have less EN than the Tank does.

​This is not taking into account Sawa + HSM. Or battle rifles, which do horrible things to you.

Some changes have to be made for this build to survive in world mode, or free battle. The paint scheme is very nice tho and I might steal it.

​Looking over the build I assume you use the X00 to poke early in the game and use the Plasma missiles and CEMGs to kill light targets (which you cannot catch) while the shield gives you something to turtle behind. There is a much more efficient way to do this, here is the weapon set up:
​X00/X00 + Ammo Pack + CEMG or Battle Rifle/Shield. (Right hand/Left hand + Shoulders + Right Bay/Left bay)

​You keep a shield to patch up defense if you need to, you keep something to break off TE shields (I think the CEMG works best) and you have two X00s with 10 shots each IIRC.

​The frame is really what needs work here: You have no KE and no CE on something to slow to avoid other heavy units which love to back high DPS set ups around those two weapon types.
​I'm going to suggest this:
A88/107D (mod)/209(mod)/AOI mdl 1
​I would use USUGUMO mdl 2 for the FCS but if you can track with the 500 range one that's fine.
​Generator and Boosters:
​whatever recon works for you.

​This is a X00 Heavy build, but with much better defenses, 1900/1700 and less AP, 41363. You could also use the G23 generator if you wanted a faster recharge, but since you spend a lot of time in scan mode with a build like this I went with the option to charge and fire both X00s if the opportunity presented itself. (a double shot also hurts like hell)

​You would play a build like this the same way you seem to run your current one, turtle behind your shield and blast things with your X00s. Its like being a laser cannon tank, but you can climb buildings and take advantage of other things which a tank cannot. (Like, *sigh* permaglide) If you need to break off a TE shield the CEMG will do that for you, you shrug off damage from HSM volleys since you are above the 1870 breakpoint, are fast enough to stay away from a tank and the High power boosters in combination with a CE Shield will let you play keep away from other heavies with battle rifles.

​Try the build this way, if you really don't like it there are other ways to set up a X00 heavy. (I personally like a much more aggressive approach) Also, if you want to play some games in world mode I would be willing to have some. If you prefer free battle I can at least point you towards some people who play it.


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