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UNAC 2v2 Tournament 2.0!

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Posted 25 August 2019 - 06:15 AM

It is time for the next UNAC 2v2 Tournament! Once again your hosts Rogan and Sash will be providing (Drunken Very Informative and Professional) Commentary. The entry deadline for this Tournament will be October 25th, 2019. You will have to submit your UNACs to either Rogan or Sash. This can be done via trade on PSN. Please message either Rogan or Sash directly to set up a trade time. You can also type everything up and send it via a direct message on Discord. Please take the time to be specific with your type-up detailing all chip parameters and even especially the order of the chips. If you submit your UNACs using this method, it is possible that something could be overlooked if you are not careful. If you do not submit a paint scheme to accompany your UNACs, your ACs will get whatever Rogan can come up with :D
There are a few things to note within this tournament which will set it apart from other UNAC tournaments. First, there are part restrictions which will force the UNAC architects to think and innovate - you will not be able to copy the winners of the last tournament. Secondly, this tournament may cross both the international and Japanese servers (Xbox is welcome too!) Architect Family has expressed interest in taking part, there are Youtube accounts with some of their UNAC battles and Tournaments which they have run. So, get ready for some exciting battles! (edited)
The rules are as follows: Swiss Format: Everyone Fights Everyone! The team with the best Win-Loss Record will be declared the Overall Victor.
Each match is decided by winning 2 out of 3 battles.
UNACs will be loaded in and the humans Self Destruct. There will be no other human input.
Maps will be selected on a rotational basis. First will be Vorka City, second is Andyr City, and Route N64 will be used as a tie breaker.
An Eliminator Squad will be used to remove byes for the contestants and provide entertainment. Restrictions: Only one leg type per team. The leg types are Tank, Bipedal, Reverse Joint, Quad. Example: you can have a Heavy Bipedal and a Heavy RJ, but not a Heavy Bipedal and Mid Bipedal
Missiles cannot be used in conjunction with dual shoulder arms.
The G23 and Suzumushi generators are banned.
No shields may be used.



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