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KCW.105 Sawa/Cala/Habas

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Posted 07 June 2013 - 01:37 PM

Head: Chromeeye
Core: Zeus
Arms: Elbe
Legs: cinto
FCS: Seher
Recon: 36 ER (i believe the one with 3000ish duration)
Generator: prochnyl
Booster: Dafeng
RARM: Krsw 40 shot(regular power specced)
LARM: Caladula rifle (full power specced)
Shoulders: Habas high speed missiles
AP: 39.5k+
Turning: 720+
Booster: 148
High Boost: 298
KE: 1956
CE: 1515
TE: 791 (im aware this isnt high enough for pmgs/pulse guns...but i outrange them immensely)
Stability: 1046
Recoil Resistance: 907
Energy recovery: 3500+

I was kind've lazy posting this so Ill update the stats when im not burned out from working 3 jobs...

This is essentially (in some different form most likely) going to be my main conquest build for Verdict Day. With the FCS head parts, im pushing past 300 range with a fairly good lock size box putting both rifles in their respective maxed range. Calandula is one hell of a rifle for long range fights due to the 650 muzzle velocity and the 800 impact force to go along with it (you can blue lock with this rifle). Combined with the karasawa which is sitting at 1800 impact force and the habas missiles at 1500 impact force, you have a longer range version of the lampo oxeeye capable of stun locking quads and some HRJ's at great distances while having the best internals for parts(prochnyl and dafeng makes you nearly impossible to deal with in damage races). Both rifles cover each others weaknesses quite well and break armor with ease versus meta defense builds that build towards the more common weapons (for example the meta JP midweight or the fortress quad). The habas missile by itself is a godsend and is a staple for this build allowing you to catch lightweights with ease and to ease the process of perma stuns while having armor break capabilities. The karasawa is yet another staple being that its sitting at 3700 (could be 3800 but energy consumption would be high) has 1800 impact force making a full charge shot a guaranteed armor break and having a high muzzle velocity.

To explain how to use this build to an extent, start off with a full sawa shot following up with one or two missiles (conserve these well) to allow ease of locking on with the calandula to start the perma stun. While firing the rifle, half charge spam the sawa to keep the permastun active(by then the armor break is in process, spamming sawa is like firing an oxeeye at double the fire rate) Most builds will not last longer than 10 seconds of this and it is nearly impossible to get out of the stun being that both weapons fire over 600 velocity and the habas missiles keeping them in check(while youre stunning, only fire one of these every 5-10 seconds).

Advantages of this build:

1. High amount of AP/defenses while maintaining mobility.
2. Easy to operate for beginners.
3. High Velocity weapons that cover most meta and are difficult to dodge
4. Ability to one shot tanks with boost charge (with practice).
5. Can trade damage with most builds including a tank. Eats mathura missiles/rapid lotus like a champ...

Disadvantages of this build:

1. Turning is average.
2. Can run out of ammo if carelessly spamming weapons.
3. Pmgs and pulse guns become troublesome once in range.


I enjoy piloting this frame greatly due to the parts not being of meta while maintaining criteria to meta defense marks and AP. Its very dmg consistant and maintains a low profile appearing less threatening than it actually is. Being able to take out defenses in conquest while being able to engage effectively against most AC's makes this very versitile on many different maps and due to verdict day having mostly long range maps, this will be a great frame to start building off of. Will update video/pics when i get a chance!....comments are appreciated!
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