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Active Teams 4/2017 PS3 ACVD

04 April 2017 - 12:44 PM

Just curious on what teams are currently active on the PS3 side of ACVD. I see most of the topics and posts are from late last year but nothing totally current. I know I joined a random team just to be able to solo mode but curious if there's more people out there active in teams. Thanks!

New ACVD Player

03 April 2017 - 09:43 PM

Thanks for approving my application. I'm new to AC, working on Story mode and playing missions over and over until I feel comfortable playing them and surviving. I'm a former Mechwarrior player who played in NBT-Classic for anyone who was there at the time. I've always loved mech based game and still play them where I can. I know from what I've read that AC is a very difficult game to wrap your head around, but I love how it reminds me of tabletop battletech aka spreadsheet warrior.

I'd love to join on to a team if that's still a thing and meet some of you guys and gals online. I'm also working on picking up ACV to have another game to play. You can add me on PSN Rothgqr15 (dumb spelling error when I made my account late at night >.< ).

In Mechwarrior I always favored fast mechs that could hit and fade, rush in deal heavy damage from a few shots very rapidly and then get the hell out of dodge. Going to work until I find something that I can emulate that with here. Hit fast and hard and get out before taking too much of a pounding. In Battletech terms rushing in with quick firing weapons supporting something that can strip armor and open up those juicy internals under the armor (think a Jenner or Blitzkreig if you're familiar with the setting.)

Thanks for reading and hope to meet some of you out there. Joined both Facebook groups to help increase those odds.

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