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In Topic: Let Namco Bandai Know That We Want Armored Core 6

02 September 2015 - 12:46 AM

Fair enough.


However, if the alternative is not getting another AC at all I would take 10 minutes to send a request for another AC game. Then again... I'm one of those people who have been hopelessly hooked on the Armored Core series since I played the demo disk over a decade ago.


I can't do it anymore, Rogan. Every game's more or less been a let-down for me since Nexus. I tolerated ForA enough, but it's fucking enough. Kill the franchise and make a new one that hopefully doesn't suck as much ass as AC does now.

In Topic: Let Namco Bandai Know That We Want Armored Core 6

28 August 2015 - 01:56 AM

I won't hold my breath. VD was more or less DOA, and I don't think Bamco should be allowed to handle the next port.

In Topic: Who cares.

08 December 2014 - 09:05 PM

So we've confirmed that ACL staff honeslty don't know what the fuck they're talking about.


That's cool.

In Topic: Armored Core on PC?

04 December 2014 - 08:03 PM

Be a man, run it on Cry Engine

In Topic: More Ass holes -_-

04 December 2014 - 02:49 PM


They call that propaganda you know...the thing politicians love using the most?


They often pick only parts of the "evidence" to cater to their own...just saying.  Evidence can easily be modified...even videos





Go back to lurking, Nana, because you're definitely not using the right word.

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