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In Topic: Battle Reports - So What's Happening On The AC Battlefield?

26 November 2017 - 07:31 AM

Actually, Fume: why don't you play JP with us? I need another tanker so we can run dual tank squads. 

In Topic: Battle Reports - So What's Happening On The AC Battlefield?

13 November 2017 - 12:59 PM

Tales from the International Server:
** Disclaimer: I am going to forgo my usual personal tact and include the names of players here, one because I legitimately hope one of those players will see this and respond and secondly because I am fairly certain that one of them is a dummy account

Some Backstory: 
Real life has been very busy and intruding upon my Video Game time (weekends) as a result I have not been able to scratch an AC itch which has been constantly growing. So against my better judgement I dug out my copy of of INT and booted it up. I got a few games which only made the itch worse. Next I did a run of ACV for giggles. Finally Today I went and made a couple Cos-play UNACs and took them straight into world mode without bothering to really test them well. (The cos-plays in question are RD and B2K) What Follows are the games I found, if I may call them that, after a several month break from INT 

Chapter One: Junsa and His Goonacs

These were the best series of games I got, there isn't much to tell here unfortunately. I had one game were I got facerolled by four tanks (I got kicked because I am bad) and another couple of games where B2K obliterated the four opposing tanks (seriously that thing...) and RD scored two UW kills in one game. (usually he just died) but the best part is that Junsa continued to play regardless of the battle outcomes. I was invigorated and thinking that maybe a couple days on INT wouldn't be so bad afterall. Its not JP but I'm having some fun. 

Boy was I wrong....

Chapter Two: The ADO[insert random numbers here] Booster

Welp, if you go and check the INT leaderboards you will probably see the ADO player(s) somewhere in the number one slot. I had the misfortune to encounter them in during my CQ runs. First game I don't even realize who I am playing, all I see is an Operator and four Maggies. "OK, no problem" My stupid tank which I should not have been using on Ft Dennis promptly gets stuck in the water. All four Maggies gang up on it and it goes slowly down. However in the time it takes the Maggies to kill it I have hacked two data posts and gotten behind the Maggie Swarm. Well, my remaining pets and I blindside the Maggies and quickly down one, (EZ money) maybe 3 or 4 seconds later we have one down to half AP and the opposing team disconnects. Its at this point that I look at the team I'm playing against and I see it the ADO boosting squad. They gotta have that top rank on the leaderboards and I am clearly some type of threat to that, given that I have played INT for the first time in Months and am running around with a bunch of cos-play bots. As expected of this caliber of player they disappear for about 45 minutes. I get another game in the meantime but we shall get to that one in a moment as I have a second encounter with the number one ranked team. Its a completely different map so I have no idea who it is until the game starts. Once again ADO-somethingorother has a squad but this time has brought 3 tanks and a quad. OK whatever, So I take the two data posts near me and start making my way towards the back of the map where I expect the ADO squad to hiding. There is a lone tank who is either braver or stupider than the rest and he charges my squad. (CRUSH THEM, WE EAT!!!) As I move in to attack the second tank who was coming to save his ally the disconnect occurs again. 

I can hardly contain my shock and disbelief. (if you can't figure it out this is sarcasm)

Chapter Three: CEO_Kaicus 

This is the saddest tale of all. During the first disappearance of ADO[insert witty pun] I ran across this player with his UNAC squad. Now, unlike a lot of other UNAC architects on the INT server CEO's UNACs show thought and effort and are unique, even if the set ups are not optimal. I keep track of players like this. Thus I think them cool and want to make friends with this player and compare UNAC notes. 

i get a game and CEO is running a tank frame which I tried for a while and three MWs which hit important defense numbers and have a very cool weapon set. Now the game itself goes something like this: I'm not paying attention and my tank UNAC gets kicked and dies a horrible death. I decided to try and kick the tank UNAC and ignore the three MWs which are swarming me and I die a horrible death. RD goes down in flames because he had no defense besides KE and my remaining UNAC gets swarmed by four opposing UNACs and dies a horrible death. After I get done giggling I want to send CEO_Kaicus a message but it seems he has me blocked? (I get a "you cannot message this player for some reason I don't remember" error) Which is very unfortunate because I would really like to see more of these UNACs and play CEO again. (Like seriously if you are reading this message me on PSN or here) but the player has taken their win and completely disappeared. 

I don't begrudge CEO the win, like I said I keep track of these players and I have watched his UNAC evolve from the bullet sponges they were to the ones I played today. But I don't understand the mentality of choosing to avoid playing the game. This is unfortunately a pattern (and not just with CEO here but a number of players) of hiding after a single game. Seriously, you won! Should you not be excited and want to carry on? 

I don't understand the INT mentality. 
*these games all happened over about three hours, maybe three and a half and were back to back. I didn't take a break because I am sick in bed and didn't really move from the couch so don't tell me you were fighting other people, besides myself and junsa there was nobody else on until he got off. (ADO does not count)

This is why I stopped playing on the international server. TwT I could have done without being reminded. 

This has been "Tales from INT"

In Topic: C11 Monoceros

03 September 2017 - 12:01 PM

I like tanks. Tanks are great and wonderful. Tanks require thought and effort. I mained tanks all of ACV and they are still my favorite leg type in VD.

​Tanks also depend greatly on the player. In a 4 v 4 where you have allies that can tell snipers and melee bots to GTFO a tank can put in serious work with their raw DPS and defenses. If you have two skilled tankers working together and covering for each other it can be very difficult to crack the opposing team without losing multiple members in the process. Tanks are also wonderful carriers of Subcomputers which encourages teammates to stick close and gives them instant lock cannons.  

​The reason you don't see more tanks, particularly on JP, are Rabi kumo bots, the very heavy poke based metagame and sadly, permaglide.


To put it simply a Rabi kumo bot will beat a tank even if the tank has an ally attempting to help it, unless you get really lucky with a kick, run a pulse cannon or mathuras, or the Rabi user has no idea what they are doing. Honestly, if you are a tank and you keep the opposing teams' melee user occupied for a couple minutes you have done your job.

​The other reason is the shift towards a very long range metagame. Its not uncommon to find teams with 3-4 Sawa and/or sniper builds. This takes away one of the tank's best tools. High DPS. The tank ends up running laser cannons or sniper cannons which in turn leaves it more vulnerable to close range attackers or builds with greater mobility (read just about anything with permaglide). That being said, LCTs or SCTs can really put in a lot of work if the user knows what they are doing, and they will win out fire trades against poke builds with the same damage type. (This isn't taking shields into account but I really don't want to get into semantics)

​Finally permaglide, which is by far the easiest of the above list to deal with, gives any build the mobility to literally glide around the tank in a circle forever. In ACV a tank could very heavily punish a genbust (to the point where it was game over) but in VD all the opponent has to do is stay in scan mode and keep glideboosting until they escape effective range. The tank will run out of EN 1st since it is the only build which cannot use permaglide.

​However, don't let any of the above things I've mentioned discourage you from using tanks. You still have the best armor and DPS in the game (by far) and you can adapt to whatever your team needs by running different cannon types. On top of that learn your boost charge: if you hit something with it, its a free kill and you have the largest kick hitbox in the game.

In Topic: Battle Reports - So What's Happening On The AC Battlefield?

02 September 2017 - 08:31 AM

Here Cheng :]

​tales from the JP.


​We actually had a very nice JP run today (still going if you want to be technical) Claes Angeleo and Sash have probably both recorded. So there should be some videos going up soon.

In Topic: Thoughts on Piledrivers

03 August 2017 - 05:02 AM

Its not really an extended hitbox, its just one hitbox per pile. Two piles, two hitboxes. You don't have to worry about throwing the right or left  hand pile that way. But you burn your ammo very quickly.

​The recon jammer is just for sneaking up on people. I think someone who's role is to act as a bullet hose does that job better, but its just an opinion.

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