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In Topic: C11 Monoceros

03 September 2017 - 12:01 PM

I like tanks. Tanks are great and wonderful. Tanks require thought and effort. I mained tanks all of ACV and they are still my favorite leg type in VD.

​Tanks also depend greatly on the player. In a 4 v 4 where you have allies that can tell snipers and melee bots to GTFO a tank can put in serious work with their raw DPS and defenses. If you have two skilled tankers working together and covering for each other it can be very difficult to crack the opposing team without losing multiple members in the process. Tanks are also wonderful carriers of Subcomputers which encourages teammates to stick close and gives them instant lock cannons.  

​The reason you don't see more tanks, particularly on JP, are Rabi kumo bots, the very heavy poke based metagame and sadly, permaglide.


To put it simply a Rabi kumo bot will beat a tank even if the tank has an ally attempting to help it, unless you get really lucky with a kick, run a pulse cannon or mathuras, or the Rabi user has no idea what they are doing. Honestly, if you are a tank and you keep the opposing teams' melee user occupied for a couple minutes you have done your job.

​The other reason is the shift towards a very long range metagame. Its not uncommon to find teams with 3-4 Sawa and/or sniper builds. This takes away one of the tank's best tools. High DPS. The tank ends up running laser cannons or sniper cannons which in turn leaves it more vulnerable to close range attackers or builds with greater mobility (read just about anything with permaglide). That being said, LCTs or SCTs can really put in a lot of work if the user knows what they are doing, and they will win out fire trades against poke builds with the same damage type. (This isn't taking shields into account but I really don't want to get into semantics)

​Finally permaglide, which is by far the easiest of the above list to deal with, gives any build the mobility to literally glide around the tank in a circle forever. In ACV a tank could very heavily punish a genbust (to the point where it was game over) but in VD all the opponent has to do is stay in scan mode and keep glideboosting until they escape effective range. The tank will run out of EN 1st since it is the only build which cannot use permaglide.

​However, don't let any of the above things I've mentioned discourage you from using tanks. You still have the best armor and DPS in the game (by far) and you can adapt to whatever your team needs by running different cannon types. On top of that learn your boost charge: if you hit something with it, its a free kill and you have the largest kick hitbox in the game.

In Topic: Battle Reports - So What's Happening On The AC Battlefield?

02 September 2017 - 08:31 AM

Here Cheng :]

​tales from the JP.


​We actually had a very nice JP run today (still going if you want to be technical) Claes Angeleo and Sash have probably both recorded. So there should be some videos going up soon.

In Topic: Thoughts on Piledrivers

03 August 2017 - 05:02 AM

Its not really an extended hitbox, its just one hitbox per pile. Two piles, two hitboxes. You don't have to worry about throwing the right or left  hand pile that way. But you burn your ammo very quickly.

​The recon jammer is just for sneaking up on people. I think someone who's role is to act as a bullet hose does that job better, but its just an opinion.

In Topic: ACVD "Partisan"

21 July 2017 - 09:29 PM

LRJs rarely run missiles unless they are a melee build and looking to make thier life easier against quads or other LRJs. In which case they usually run plasma or AS missiles respectively. Most commonly these legs run CIWS or Subcomputers in their shoulders.

​Rifles have really lousy DPS to be honest. If you combine them with armor break (K29 or HSM) you can make them work but otherwise their performance is very lackluster. If pressed I think the 1456 KE attack power rifles have the highest DPS but I could be wrong. I am unsure of which arm parts those are but if you are going to rifle spam you should be using the ones with 191 or 199 firing stability.

​Malicious is a pretty bad core part, change that to one of the other KE cores if you have the weight. The one with highest KE defense will do nicely, or you could use the one with 125 EN conductivity ( i forget the part name). Finally the added range will be pretty useless with the DPS rifles, a gat will outpreform them at that range. I would use something with a wider lock box and good range instead of a long range one. E28 is probably a safe pick.

In Topic: how even to?

12 July 2017 - 07:20 AM

the battle rifles with 2773 power

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