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Unknown UNAC behavior

22 May 2017 - 04:29 PM

The story goes like this:

​I was playing with my pets in CQ and ran into Ignition Knights during an invasion data hack. During the battle I was killed which left my three UNACs against their one UNAC and human player. So their UNAC got killed by my UNACs and their human player was nowhere to be found.

​My UNACs bee lined for data posts and hacked them to win the game. I had seen this behavior once before but was unable to replicate the results and ultimately assumed it was a fluke. Until I saw this again.

​I checked the Op file and the Human was sitting in a map corner. I checked the UNACs just to be certain, none of them are programmed to attack subtargets at all and they all have a detection range of 600m at the most. I know as a sortie member I could not have told them to attack the data posts.

​Has anyone seen actions like this with their own UNACs? Do we have a clue which is causing it? I would appreciate any insight, it seems like there are certain protocols in place which are active even without chips in place, but I have nothing besides my own experiences to prove it. (well that and an OP file)

ACVD 1.07 I made a Tomila

23 March 2017 - 01:44 PM



H22/H22/Sazanami mdl 2/SGA-204/Niodori mdl 3

​Relevant Stats
​36601 AP
1705 KE
1240 CE
2469 TE

​707 Turning
6092 EN
​1386 RR

​Its only fair to warn you: I have no idea what I'm doing.

​I do not normally run a frame like this, it has less AP than a standard HBP and in some cases a MW. It also fails to hit important defense numbers, like 1870 KE for HSM. So I have no idea where I should even try for with my defensive numbers or if these frames can even hope for them. That being said:

​It handles beautifully. My only irritation being that I was unable to fit Sonne generator and Toko boosters with my desired weapon set. I feel this makes the build fairly slow despite its good turning and jumping. (Compared to the cookie HBP that I am used to playing)

​The weapon set is ultimately too heavy to fit on a competitive MW frame, and that is where the build turned into a tomila. Since it could actually hold the weight. I wanted to take advantage of weapons which give me some of the best damage possible with a single trigger pull. Which this set up does and you have weapons which can hit most builds very hard. You only really need to worry about true fortress quads and very heavy tanks. (Nobody uses those besides me and dafume so its not really an issue) since they can resist the shotgun stagger and might carry a way around the VTFs. Which leaves you with no way to really hurt them.

​Thoughts? If anyone has a way to fit Sonne/Toko as gen boosters while retaining dual shoulders I would be delighted to hear it.

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