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UNACs 4.0 R.P.G.

01 July 2020 - 09:35 AM

Rule Set

Build Rules:

Each entry may submit one build. There are no rules regarding your UNAC’s weapons, set up, or chip programming. Anything is fair game.

Game Rules:
Unlike prior UNAC tournaments the UNACs here will have to work together. It is vitally important that you build your UNACs to handle ANYTHING not just 1 on 1 encounters.
The entrants will be given a list of Missions for them to choose from. You must complete a certain number of missions to advance to the next selection of missions. (Referred to as Chapters) At the end of each chapter is a Boss encounter more difficult that other missions within that chapter. As the contestants advance in the campaign the missions will become more difficult and will require more thought and effort on the contestants to complete. As an example: if you set your party to be 4 tanks and you run into an encounter of 4 snipers on fort dennis, Too Bad. You’ll have to rethink your strategy next time.

There is a random element to the game:
When selecting a mission to play, some of them will have an encounter table which you have to run a certain number of encounters to complete that mission, those battles will be selected at random using dice rolls.

When you complete a non-boss mission the party will have the chance to recruit one of the defeated AIs to add to your party. This will be done via dice roll.

**It is extremely important to note that Sash will be rolling dice for the party, these rolls will determine things like if you outnumber the enemy, if you successfully capture an enemy and what enemies you encounter. In short: you aren’t likely to get multiple of the same campaign.

Each mission will have a briefing to give the party an idea of what they are walking into so that you can plan your team comp accordingly. Mission briefings will vary from detailed to a simple “good luck”. Pay attention to the Mission title and you should be able to tell what you are walking into.

There are two NPC (Non-Player Characters) that you will be given automatically at the start. These can be used to round out your team roster if you need to. Or you can ignore them completely. Or you can send them out to the wolves and watch the carnage ensue.

Score Rules:
While you are all working together to complete the campaign it’s important to note that you will all be ranked individually. This will mostly be for bragging rights and to give a little competitive spirit as all the “Survivors” will be considered tournament winners. (Expect the NPCs) Scoring for points is as follows:
Enemy Kill: +1
Boost Charge: + 0.5
Team Kill: +2
Death: -1
Party Wipe out: reset score to zero
**The way this works: My UNAC shoots another UNAC to death, +1, Boost Charge kills another UNAC, +1.5 (kill and boost charge) but then dies, -1. Gives my UNAC a total score of 1.5 for that fight.

Play Rules:
*Once your entry is confirmed you will be invited to a discord chat. Unlike previous UNAC tournaments you must be present in this chat to take part as the chat will be collectively required to make decisions within specific timelines.

*Your UNACs will be sent into battle by Sash and then Sash will either self-destruct or link view as operator. YOUR UNACS WILL HAVE ZERO HUMAN INPUT.
It is important to note: the enemy will not always follow this rule. They are handicapped in other ways to maintain a sense of fairness and balance.
*The entries will all be placed in a collective pool. This pool is your “Party”, from this pool you will select 6 UNACs and determine an Order of Match. This will determine which of the UNACs are your primary 4 and which is in reserve. If a mission requires less than 4 UNACs then the UNACs are selected based on the order of march and the type of mission. As an example, your order of march is 1,2,3,4,5,6 and your team is on offense. Your members will be selected from UNACs 1-4. If that same order of march is on defense the members are selected from UNACs 3-6. Think about this when you build your party.

*You may build 2 parties after chapter 2 is complete. IF the party builds a second team and completes the mission you will get to select the enemy you get to recruit instead of a random selection.

*Defeats mean a UNAC is out of the game until/if it is revived by the chat. UNAC deaths can put your team at serious disadvantage

*Revives take the form of phoenix downs. The party will receive 4 phoenix downs at the start and one at the end of each chapter they complete. Phoenix downs may be used by the chat at the end of the mission to revive a UNAC of their choice.

*Party growth and deaths: the active members of the party will be tracked by Sash and Rogan in the discord chat. The Party may recruit certain defeated enemies at the end of an engagement, however the maximum number of active members allowed is 15. You cannot release a member once recruited. However, you can let them die to create another active slot
Dead members will be annotated as such and do not count toward the party total, however: if you have 15 members you cannot revive a defeated member until you have sufficient active spaces.

*Conditions for Victory and Defeat:
The party’s conditions for victory will change based on the mission, but for a general rule of thumb expect to have to destroy all opposing ACs. Alternatively, if the message “MISSION COMPLETE” occurs on the party’s screen.
For the party to be defeated all members on Sortie must be killed. When/if the sortie is wiped out the party will gather it’s dead and reconvene in the discord chat and issue phoenix downs, and discuss team composition. The party does not lose the adventure unless ALL of the UNACs they have are defeated and all phoenix downs are expended.
If my math is correct, that means that not including phoenix downs the party as 3 chances minimum to complete a given mission.


UNAC 2v2 Tournament 2.0!

25 August 2019 - 06:15 AM

It is time for the next UNAC 2v2 Tournament! Once again your hosts Rogan and Sash will be providing (Drunken Very Informative and Professional) Commentary. The entry deadline for this Tournament will be October 25th, 2019. You will have to submit your UNACs to either Rogan or Sash. This can be done via trade on PSN. Please message either Rogan or Sash directly to set up a trade time. You can also type everything up and send it via a direct message on Discord. Please take the time to be specific with your type-up detailing all chip parameters and even especially the order of the chips. If you submit your UNACs using this method, it is possible that something could be overlooked if you are not careful. If you do not submit a paint scheme to accompany your UNACs, your ACs will get whatever Rogan can come up with :D
There are a few things to note within this tournament which will set it apart from other UNAC tournaments. First, there are part restrictions which will force the UNAC architects to think and innovate - you will not be able to copy the winners of the last tournament. Secondly, this tournament may cross both the international and Japanese servers (Xbox is welcome too!) Architect Family has expressed interest in taking part, there are Youtube accounts with some of their UNAC battles and Tournaments which they have run. So, get ready for some exciting battles! (edited)
The rules are as follows: Swiss Format: Everyone Fights Everyone! The team with the best Win-Loss Record will be declared the Overall Victor.
Each match is decided by winning 2 out of 3 battles.
UNACs will be loaded in and the humans Self Destruct. There will be no other human input.
Maps will be selected on a rotational basis. First will be Vorka City, second is Andyr City, and Route N64 will be used as a tie breaker.
An Eliminator Squad will be used to remove byes for the contestants and provide entertainment. Restrictions: Only one leg type per team. The leg types are Tank, Bipedal, Reverse Joint, Quad. Example: you can have a Heavy Bipedal and a Heavy RJ, but not a Heavy Bipedal and Mid Bipedal
Missiles cannot be used in conjunction with dual shoulder arms.
The G23 and Suzumushi generators are banned.
No shields may be used.



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