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In Topic: The ACVD Arena

06 May 2015 - 11:15 PM

Awesome answer.


Just a little formality on my part to shrug off the jaded monkey on my back.

In Topic: The ACVD Arena

06 May 2015 - 09:46 PM

Before I make my final decision, a quick talk.


Pretty sure I know who you are but in case you aren't excuse the assumptions. I'm a hot-head that's tired of wasting time on overhyped bullshit.


First things first, on the net, know the difference between a critique to explain your point or idea further and a pure put down. Its part of social interaction to disagree with someone and its a good idea to learn from these arguments as opposed to shutting them out. "If you don't agree with me get out because I'm not willing to undersand your viewpoint." I have to say, the pure clean cut answer you gave me is much apprieciated, its only reason I'm still talking.


Secondly, try to understand the damn community more as opposed to pushing your personal ego into every situation. Did it not occur to you that by proclaiming that you're number one in this arena without any prior creditials to its creation, that you'd get opposition or at the very least questioned? This is where understanding competition comes into play. Competitiors don't get involved in something or someone they don't respect. You should pay attention to your actions and responses because that's where we'll draw our conclusions ...and so far you've bragged about defending a title you gave yourself twice and said a vet is "late to the party."


The fact is a lot of players want something like this to work, but it needs to have a firm foundation and the quickest way to understand that is through testing the creator. Some ask for a one-on-one, others test to see how the creator handles being poked at, because this community has little use for inflated and fragile egos in positions of self-appointed power. Already suffered too many years of that horseshit being unchecked.


So its not that it shouldn't be done, its that it should be done right. Doesn't need to be flawless, but it should at least be fun.


Thus its a test to see how you will rule and what the system is based on, fear or loyalty. On a forum or clan based arena such as this, fear of being kicked out is the easiest way to go, and its usually taken due to the creator's "fear of toxicity" as you might say. As in, the creator can't handle basic net interaction, which ends in what's called a hugbox. Hugboxes don't last long due to everyone trying to get each other banned and let their egos run rampant as opposed to interaction.


So, what does loyality look like. Its a system in which the players participate because they don't want it to end. They police it and maintain it by themselves without anyone pushing them. They maintain the set parameters of the original program because they have fun with it. They'd do anything to protect what is fun to them and the players they have fun with. Fun is freedom of expression, but at the same time they have to handle critiques and punishment before being accepted. Pay your dues as they say, "how dedicated are you to this community." Neglecting this step leads to ruin because newbies aren't loyal. They will never be loyal unless there's a reason to stay. That reason is usually because its fun. 


What newbies don't like is that they have to work for it to be fun. Now in a community, what happens if you hug all the newbies, tell them their special snowflakes and they're skills are hot shit without them putting any effort into it? You spoil them. As long as they think that you're desperate for their attention and participation they'll run this thing into the ground trying to break it as opposed to preserving it. "Its not mine, why should I care."


Loyalty is considered hard, because it means that the entire community has to police itself as opposed to a single individual. However, the concept is only scary to the socially inept, because its a system geared to kick out or recondition the socially inept. The bonus is since there's little need for policing and pushing, the community can focus on content creation and broadcasting. Loyal communities are even known to host in person events. Its a grand little secret from the beginning of the internet. Other requirements are you have to have thick skin, understand sarcasm and interact. Being funny also helps.


This is my attempt to give a damn ...again, since there's still some fun people around here.

How is the ranking system of the Arena fun and how fun is this guy DominantLegend?

Also, if neither prove to be fun is there a system for me to change it?

These are the things I need to know for my answer. Note that I'm doing something I should've when EJ and Cheng had a deal that sounded too good.


kinda feel like I need to add this:

Definition of INTERACTION : mutual or reciprocal action or influence.

Definition of PARTICIPATE : to be involved with others in doing something : to take part in an activity or event with others

In Topic: The ACVD Arena

06 May 2015 - 04:25 PM

and just like that my interest is lost from DL's response.


Unless you have another handle with a rep in this community, you're the one who's really late to the party here dude.

I asked around when you first started this and no one knew who the hell you were.


and holy shit you're using the word "toxic" to describe how people behave online, you just confirmed you're making a hugbox arena.

and before you get it twisted, there's nothing wrong with a hugbox arena. Just properly advertise it as such to avoid confusion.

In Topic: Best Friends Play Armored Core For Answer

21 March 2015 - 08:56 PM

Those don't matter bro. Armored Core matters.

*pinches brow*

They did Armored Core... played fairly well and incited interest in the franchise. 



They just finished it off with Steel Batallion using that insane twin stick controller.

In Topic: Best Friends Play Armored Core For Answer

21 March 2015 - 11:35 AM

V and VD weren't bad though...


At this point ...its more prudent to agree to disagree. 


As long as the series gets more attention that's good news. I especially love it when they say that you can't have a mech week without an Armored Core game. Hopefully their fans try out the games after watching this video.


There's actually a small amount of people trying out FA I believe and from the comment section other fans are directing curious guys to retro. 



They also played: Mobile Suit Gundam - Extreme Vs. Full Boost, Virtual On MARZ and Metal Warriors 

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