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03 November 2017 - 01:31 PM

Yo i just made this with my own cutom parts man i hope you like it i put alot of work into these well anyways i gotta go to work so ill see you later and maybe we should work together on a new ac game in the future since our expertise is really similar when it comes to design i really like fromsoftqare games like bloodborne and code vein along with armored core and the mechwarrorior games so ever since i was younger i really wanted to fly a plane but i couldnt since i was too young so i started playing ac evemtually i realized i was bad at the game and started playing glover on the n64 because i was good at that game while nobody else was even though i only played by myself on the same level with the bowling balls and the size increase potions i hated it when the ball would turn into a golf ball since it was hard to control id recommend pkaying the game 10/10 just like every ac game.

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