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How to find other teams in CQ

07 June 2015 - 08:03 AM

So if you are like me and get easily frustrated when you and your team spend hours every week looking for other teams to fight in CQ I have a solution. MSG me on Psn and I will send you a chat invite to a room called 'ACVDAY Community Link'

Several teams already use this chatroom to organize with other teams. Yes, I know this is not a "new" idea but it does work really well and I feel like more people/teams should be using it.

Minecraft on ps3

07 June 2015 - 07:56 AM

Ive begun playing minecraft on days when I work because im typically too exhausted to play acvday. Anyone in this community semi-active in minecraft?

An Important Issue

05 June 2015 - 06:54 PM

Okay people, I've been talking about doing this for awhile & I decided that it is time.


Behold, the petition:  https://www.change.o...st_created=true



Lets all take 2 minutes to sign the petition, maybe - just maybe - From Software will have pity on us and make our dreams come true. It doesn't hurt to try after all.


Ultros XIV

06 May 2015 - 02:42 AM

Okay, this is the HRJ I have been almost exclusively running in CQ the past few weeks. Clunky? Of course. Slow? Like a snail on a saltbed. But those defenses though...





k, I tried to post an image but it said the file extension is not allowed on this community so text format it is!


Missiles: Jellyfish

Head: Kagaribi mdl.1.

Core: CA-215

Arms: AD-228

Legs: LRHA-123

Right Arm: AM/BRA-224 (90 shot BR with 500sh muzzle velocity, 229 range, power spec)

Left Arm: AM/GGA-206 (3500 Gat, power spec)

Right Bay: Au-L-k37 (12shot sawa, rapid spec)

Left Bay: Shield, either KE or TE


Suzumushi gen with tokonatsu boosters and a 280 FCS, wala~


Booster: 135

Hiboost: 272

KE: 1886

CE: 2172

TE: 1015

RR: 1889

Turning: 601

EN Recovery: 4997 (I use up the 12 shot sawa first, then his EN recovery jumps up by about 1,000)



He won't do well in a FB battle royal but on a well balanced team I have come out ahead more often then not.

The Gold Cloak Tournie

28 April 2015 - 01:54 AM

Okay so here is the tournament details, I have rewritten them in greater detail so that everyone is on board with what is going to happen.


This is a 4v4 team tournament, if you wish to participate you and your fellow teammates (from your actual team) will temporarily join a new team I have created that will serve as a "battleground" where you and other teams can battle via extermination mock battles. If you are short team mates you can bring a friend from another team or use UNACs. The teams will fight based on availability (whose online at the time) and the victorious team will be decided in a best 3 out of 5 matches. The losing team will withdraw from the battlegrounds, the winning team will go on to face the next team. Since a team can have 20 members we can easily fit 4 teams (4 fighters per team) into the temporary battleground team at a time, so we can run 2 separate mock battles simutaniously.


The Time: May 22nd (Friday) between 3-9pm Central US timezone


The Prize: Bragging rights, also the opportunity to play on different maps.


Where: The team battleground has been created, it is called "Gold Cloak Tournie" - Just join the team any time after 3pm or, if it is full, message Lazul_Osel with the pertinent info; Names of your 4 player team, etc.


Rules: There are no rules, anyone can participate with any number of players up to 4. I ask that all the teams register here on this forum but as long as you pm my partner's psn (Lazul_Osel) the day of the event we will make sure your team plays.


Teams that may participate: ITA-AC, Union, Soul Assassins, Wolfe Lupine, Unsung Heroes, Ban Hackers, Sabbath


Also: I am still looking for assistance in recording the fights as well as moderating, if anyone is interested let me know.

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