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Last Raven Portable Video Thread

23 March 2016 - 04:08 AM

I've thought about how we could drum up interest for a more competitive 3rd Gen scene using PC, and outside of exhibitions and tournaments, it might just be easier to just make a thread or people to post their videos for the game.


For a recap, here is a guide to setting up the game:



And here is a packaged version with all of the parts unlocked:



Confirmed Players and their Youtubes:

FromChengEU (https://www.youtube....er/ZeFromCheng/)

BusterTBM (https://www.youtube..../BusterTBMPlays)


How to get a match:

Post here when you are hosting a room, and post the Hamachi IP for the room. Other players can then add themselves to the Hamachi room and play there. Each room can have a max of 5 people, I think, and once you're in the room you can open in-game lobbies just as if you were on the same server for FA or VD's free battle.


If someone wants to pay the cost for a dedicated server, we can have a 24/7 server online for people to always jump into, instead of having to exchange room IP information.


How to Record

Use OBS or other screen recording software. I haven't done this yet, but BusterTBM or YoungmasterDX can probably outline how to do it in detail.


Competition Drive:

As a competitive league, keeping tracks of W/L records and posting videos would be extremely easy. This is the big advantage that Last Raven Portable has over ACFA or ACVD as a competitive game, aside from also expanding into the PC gaming community. We might be able to set up a competitive league, possibly with prizes, as a reward for submitting videos and having high w/l records.

Verdict Day Event/Exhibition Suggestions

16 March 2016 - 03:18 AM

I'm dumping a few thoughts I've had lately of types of events that would work well to hold in Verdict day, with some description of the rules for each.


The point of these are that they are easy to understand (1 or 2 simple rules), and easily enforced (you can tell if someone is breaking the rules at a glance.) some are formal tournaments, others are just fun games for free battle.



1. King of the Hill


Type: Exhibition/Tournament 1v1 


Players enter a room for 1v1 matches, sitting in a battle royal or team room. As new players join, they are added to a list in order.


The first two players fight. Loser goes to the bottom of the light, winner fights the next one in line.


Players can come and go as they please in the room, but new players are added to the bottom of the list, and if you aren't in the room when you're up to fight, you move to the bottom of the list automatically.

The tournament ends after a set number of matches or time period, and whoever had the longest streak wins. 


2. Race to the Bottom

Type: Battle Royal (minimum 3 players)


This is a normal battle royale where the winner is whomever has the lowest AP at the end of the match. However, if you die, you lose. So the goal is to get as close to death as possible but still kill everyone else, or run out the timer.

Each shield equipped counts as 5000 more AP.



3. Race Against the Clock

Type: Bracket Tournament, 1v1


Bracket tournament where each bracket is ranked by how fast the previous matches were. Winning fast or losing slowly is rewarded, winning slowly or losing quickly is punished. 
Winner's bracket: Fastest half of winners, Slowest half of the losers
Loser's bracket: Fastest half of losers, slowest half of winners.


4. No Honor

Type: Bracket tournament, Teams


Team tournament where the first half to die goes to the loser's bracket, regardless of what team wins. New teams are formed each round by combining the leftovers.

So in a 3v3, the first 3 players to die go to loser's bracket as a new team, the 3 winners combine into a new team and go on.

This encourages team killing to try and build a better team the closer you get to finals. 


5. Draft Tournament

Type: Bracket Tournament, Teams


Round 1 is 1v1. Winners first-come-first-serve pick among the losers to add to their team. Round 2 is 2v2. Same process. Final round is 4v4. UNACs are not allowed.


6. New Meta


Type: Exhibition, any type.


All frame parts of one defense (KE, CE, or TE) are banned, but all weapons of that type are also banned. Shields are not allowed.


7. No Meta


Type: Exhibition, any type.


Only frame parts of one defense (KE, CE, or TE) can be used, and only weapons matching that defense are allowed. Shields are not allowed.


8. Ammo Shortage


Type: Exhibition, Teams. UNACs allowed


Each AC gets only 1 weapon, period. Weapons with infinite uses (KE/Laser blades) are not allowed. Shields are not allowed. Subcomputers and supportive shoulder type weapons are allowed, but if you use shoulder units, you don't get any arm weapons. Weapon arms are not allowed.

The point is to encourage teamwork to avoid wasting ammo.



9. Kill the King


Type: Exhibition, 2v2+ Teams


The "Leader" of each team is not allowed to equip offensive weapons. (Shields, Jammers, turrets, etc. are allowed). Kill the other team's leader to win, but if the leader is the last remaining member of his team, he wins. 

UNACs are allowed.

So you have to chase the leader down without killing all of his support. 



Personally, my favorites are Race Against the Clock, Race to the Bottom, and King of the Hill.

AC3/Silent Line/Last Raven Portable PC Setup Guide

04 January 2016 - 12:43 PM

(I copied this over from Reddit, so the formatting is weird. Original formatting here: https://www.reddit.c...nd_silent_line/ I'll fix it later here.)

This is a quick guide and place for people to ask questions regarding emulating the PSP AC games on PC and enabling multiplayer. I gave general advice to FromCheng to get him set up a while ago and from that I'm making this full guide.
A few details:
Frequently Asked Questions
Does it require a powerful computer?

It does not require a gaming computer. You can play the game on android phones or any laptop/computer with >equivalent power. Higher powered processors will let you run better graphics than the games shipped with, but >default graphics are very low-requirement. I do not know how better GPUs affect performance yet.

Will it work on Mac/Linux?

These instructions only work for windows, but you're welcome to try it on other platforms and let me know if it works.

Can I use a controller?

You can use a 360 controller plug-and-play, or a PS3 controller using the SCP Server driver package. A guide for >this is here:http://emulation-gen..._Driver_Package

What VPN should I use?

Different VPN programs can be used, this guide is for Hamachi. If you have recommendations on more secure VPN >services, please post them below. Hamachi does not have a great reputation for security.

The Guide: Starting the Game

  • Step 1: Download the game ISO.

    It's not legal to post links to emulators, but google should help you find what you need if you want to find it >yourself. You will be looking for "Armored Core Last Raven Portable ISO"

  • Step 2: Download PPSSPP v 1.0.0 or higher from here: http://www.ppsspp.org/ .

    Extract it onto your PC, remember the folder you extract it to.

  • Step 3: Open PPSSPP and change the settings.

    You want the following: Graphics: Backend: OpenGL (tested on an Intel i5-4xxx with integrated graphics, may need directx for different devices) Mode: Buffered Rendering *System: * Enable Cheats: Checked

  • Step 4: Navigate to cheats folder

    Navigate to the directory you extrated/installed PPSSPP. You should be able to find the folder ".../memstick/PSP/cheats". If the folder is not there, you need to re-do step >3 and make sure cheats are enabled. Navigate to that folder and create a new text file.

  • Step 5: Add the hang workaround cheat

    In that file, paste the following:

    _G Armored Core: Last Raven Portable
    _C1 Hang Workaround
    _L 0xE0010003 0x002BB274
    _L 0x202BB274 0x34070001
    _C0 Hang Workaround [Disable]
    _L 0x202BB274 0x28A70003

    Save the file under the name " NPUH10024.ini ". It is VERY important you do not save it as NPUH10024.ini.txt. This name is the game identifier Last Raven Portable. For Silent Line and AC3, create a new text file and change > the title and first line appropriately.

  • Step 6: Activate the cheat

    Open PPSSPP and browse for where you saved the Last Raven ISO. Open the game. On default PPSSPP controls, hit "ESC" to open the save file and cheats menu. Go to cheats, and > enable "Hang Workaround". Do not enable "Hang Workaround [Disable]".

  • Step 7: Start the game and enjoy!
The Guide: Using a PS3 Controller
This guide will show you how to connect a PS3 controller and play using that. You will need the following:

  • A DualShock 3 controller
  • A Mini USB to USB 2.0/3.0 Cable.
A general guide can be found here: http://emulation-gen..._Driver_Package I followed this originally, but some of it has become outdated.

  • Step 1: Download SCP Toolkit.

    The download version was changed recently, new version is located here: >https://github.com/n.../v1.6.229.15365

  • Step 2: Install ScpServer.

    At the bottom of the page above, download "SCPTookit_Setup.exe". Run the program. You should only need to ?>install the "Legacy Components" section, the rest of the programs on the installer are not required.

  • Step 3: Update X360 controller drivers

    Also, uninstall any MotionInJoy drivers, if you already have them.

  • Step 4: Connect the PS3 controller via USB to the computer.

    Make sure that any nearby PS3s are turned off. Let the PS3 recognize the controller (may take a while) and install its drivers. The controller will appear in your devices menu if this is done successfully.

  • Step 5: Run ScpDriver.exe

    Navigate to the directory you installed the SCP installer files. (default is "C:/.../program files/nefarious software solutions/ScpToolkit"). Find the file "ScpDriver.EXE". Run that file. You will only need to run it once.

  • Step 6: Run ScpServer.exe

    In the same folder, Find the file "ScpServer.exe". Run that file. Select the Dualshock controller (the only selection available) This is the only file you should need, after this point. From here on, If your PS3 controller does not automatically detect and work when plugged in, run ScpServer.exe >and have it running while you play your game.

  • Step 7: Map the controls.

    Open PPSSPP and go to Settings, then Controls, then select Control Mapping. Here you will be able to select each PSP control, and map it to a specific PS3 controller control. It will show up as a 360 controller control button, but you will be using the PS3 controller to make inputs. You can also set your keybaord controls here.

  • Step 8: Determine your in-game control system.

    Start the game and navigate in-game to the control customization screen.

  • Step 9: Repeat Steps 7 and 8 until you find a control mapping that works for you.

    The game maps In-game PSP buttons > PPSSPP Re-mapped PS3 controls. So you can, for example, map your analog stick to X, Circle, Square, and Triangle, to enable dual analog control >when there is none. When you use the analog stick, in-game will read it as X, Circle, Square, and Triangle.

  • Step 10: Remap Keyboard

    If your remapping makes it difficult to navigate the menus, map your keyboard and use that to navigate the >menu outside of battle.

The Guide: Getting Online
This will let you get online once you've started the game and played it locally. This guide assumes you enabled WLAN as mentioned above in the game settings.
A general guide for this can be found here: http://forums.ppsspp...ad.php?tid=8148

  • Step 1: Download a VPN client.

    This guide is for LogMeIn Hamachi. Download from here: https://secure.logme...oducts/hamachi/ It is free if you only want up to 5 players in >the same room.

  • Step 2: Run Hamachi, and create a room.

    An IP Address will be displayed for the room you've created, copy this and save it. You will be the host of this >room.

  • Step 3: Configure other players' PPSSPP Settings

    To add other players to the room, they much each go to the settings in PPSSPP, under network settings, and >select "Ad-hoc server" and enter the IP address of that room into their settings.

  • Step 4: Set Mac Address

    Each player, including the host, will need a unique mac address that isn't shared by anyone else in the room. The address doesn't need to be accurate, just different from eachother. This is entered in PPSSPP network settings next to Ad-Hoc Server.

  • Step 5: Add players

    All other players should start their versions of Hamachi In hamachi, they should add a new room and enter the Host's IP Address from step 2. They should all be added ?>to the room now.

  • Step 6: Play Online

    Once the players have entered the host's Hamachi room, they can play online with eachother now when going to >the multiplayer section of the game. It will act as if the two games are connected via WiFi, similar to AC4/5 Free >Battle.

Hopefully this clears up any confusion anyone is having about getting this set up. Comment below with questions and I'll answer them and add them to the FAQs above.

Sunday Night ACFA

03 October 2015 - 06:12 AM

For what it's worth, there's been a sunday night FA session going on through the AC Steam group.




Thought I'd post the info here for others that aren't in the group. Could be worth looking into if anyone here is nostalgic for FA and wants to do some matches tomorrow.

ACVD Arena Ranking

01 October 2015 - 05:49 AM

To sign up for the arena and participate, please fill out this form: http://eepurl.com/bBsxP9. If you would just like to receive notifications of matches, results, etc, then do not submit your PSN. 
All notifications will be posted through Mailchimp from that Email, and it will be where you report match results as well.

A preview of the new ACVD Arena ranking format is available here:



You should be able to open this by selecting "Open with:" and then "Google Docs". If not, you can download and open in excel.


Each player has a page, within it you can see the formulas used to calculate the +/- points from each match that result in each player's new Elo rating. Comments are enabled, as long as they aren't abused.


I have included the semi-finalists from Skillbreaker (whose 3 out of 5 matches do qualify for normal point status) as well as grandfathered in the old rankers based on their W/L ratios using the new 100-K-Factor Arena values. Rankers with no results from either the tournament or the previous Arena were not included. When the rule set is posted, each player from Skillbreaker that was not a prior participant in the Arena will be asked if they wish to continue having their points tracked in the Arena.


Players that wish to no longer be a part of the Arena (including Skillbreaker Participants) can email the address above, and will have their sheets and ranking removed. However, the results from prior matches that affect others rankings will stay. 


A full list of rules will be up sometime this week after people have some time to review the changes. However, here's a summation of the way matches will be ran: 


Normal Matches:

- Can be reported once a day.

- Same pair of players cannot report more than once a week.

- Both players agree prior to the start of the normal match that it will count toward points. There is no penalty for declining. 

- Disputes over format or results will prevent both players from reporting any normal match results for 1 week.

- Individual parts bans are allowed, enforced equips (forcing the other player to use a particular part/class of parts, such as a leg restriction) are not. 

- Loser counterpicks the map, but random is allowed.

- Winner is first to two consecutive wins, but players may agree to do best 3 out of 5 instead at any point, provided they start over when the format is changed. Once done, they cannot go back to two consecutive wins. Best 2 out of 3 or single match wins are not allowed.

- Match time can be 5, 10, or 15 minutes.

- Time-outs and draws do not count toward any results. 

- W/L points go to Normal Score with a K Factor of 20.

- Tournament/Exhibition matches that meet most of these rules may be included as well.


Arena Matches:

- Can be reported once a week.

- Players can challenge any player ranked above them, within 1.1x their Normal Points rating, or the rank directly above themselves.

- Players may issue a challenge, after 2 weeks if the defending player has not accepted and fought, the challenger wins by default, however it is counted as a normal victory (K factor 20), not an Arena match.

- After winning a challenge, during any time left between the fight and the 2 week deadline the winner cannot be challenged by any other player.

- Both players must report the same results (number and order of wins). If there is a dispute that cannot be resolved, both players will be unable to issue a challenge for 2 weeks afterward and the results of this challenge will be discarded.

- Parts bans are not allowed.

- Winner is decided the same as normal matches. The defending player may, prior to fighting, choose to do the match as best 3 out of 5, or two consecutive wins. 

- Loser must counterpick maps. Random is not allowed.

- Match time must be 10 minutes.

- Time-outs and draws do not count toward any results.

- W/L Points go to Arena Score with a K factor of 100.

- Tournament/Exhibition matches 



Some general notes about how the Elo ratings affect rankings:


1. The bigger the difference in points between players, the more reward there is for the lower ranker and the lower the reward for the higher ranker.

2. Rewards are based on the Expected Score, a score of 1 being a guaranteed win, 0.5 being a 50/50 chance, and 0 being no chance of a win. 

3. The K-Factor is the total reward available. A K-Factor of 100 means that if there a .5 expected score, 50 points will be added to the winner, and 50 subtracted from the loser. The closer the expected score gets to 1 (large points difference between the two, almost guranteed win for the player), the fewer points a player can win from a match. 

4. The Normal Score and Arena Score are combined to get the total rank value. 

5. The Normal and Arena score both have an average of 1000, so a ranker with 2000 total score is average, over 2000 is above-average. A ranker with 2000 total score or less, is below average.

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