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21 May 2018 - 12:04 PM

well met,


old fags.



Go away little boy.


Things have taken a turn for the worse. As if my prior misfortune wasn't enough, I've developed lung disease.


I keep going broke from doctor visits. I'll never get ahead. Consider me good as dead.

In Topic: Armored Core; Last Raven, Featherweight Fighter

16 September 2017 - 06:26 PM

After two car accidents in a row, illness, and a robbery, needless to say things have not gone according to plan. At least no one was physically hurt. I'm resuming operations soon and hope to update my status.

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16 September 2017 - 05:42 PM

There's a lot of hating on the Add-Boosters here. The add boosters do contribute to top speed and enhance your blading ability, closing 300 meters in a flash using a blade is addictive. I suppose nobody is disputing that. The stat sheet lies to you in this case though, just load the first mission and test your straight line speed, which increases substantially with Add Boosters even though your stat sheet tells you that you will be slower. All you need to do is watch your speedometer in game with and without your add booster.


As for your Seraph, I run (and perhaps we have all played with) a similar Lahire frame with Rayleanoard suite boosters (virtue as main), add-booster, Hitman, and LB-700. It's nearly identical, and fun to blade CUBE with. You should have the agility to kill Wynne D. Fanchon using only your BB shooter since she has little ballistic defense, although blading is certainly an option here too.


Also interesting, you call your Lahire Seraph and I call mine Feather (reference to both it's light weight and bird-like appearance). It must be those cool lower core stabilizers from Lahire. I like to reference Risaia's schematic as a base inspiration.


I find my Latona frame with Canopus/Moonlight/addboosters more versatile. It can end Takafumi Arasawa with a blade/shot 2 hit combo if I get lucky. I've never had it run out of energy in a fight. I haven't tested either Feather or my Latona frame on the final mission, since that mission is a bit unrealistic. It seems to me they hand you an S rank if you manage to beat that mission at all. I like to test against my builds in 2 vs 1 situations, like the Arteria Cranium missions. There's a sense of accomplishment for beating those missions with the most light weapons and frames possible rather than spamming spread bazooka for an S.


Twin spread bazookas and pocket LB-700's <3


As far as the Sobrero generator goes...you don't need force fields if you don't get hit, the trouble is not getting hit. I'm also assuming your using 1.40 regulations.

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