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'Descendant Ravens' looking for potential members!

30 December 2015 - 02:39 AM

My name is Leo, and I am the founder and leader of the recently made team: Descendant Ravens. I came up with the name in reference to the old games for ps1, a happy source of nostalgia for me and others. We aren't too particular about trying to reach the top of leaderboards, but we do put in a small effort time to time and have made it to the top ten fairly easy(although it's true that this game does not have as much activity online as it used to). We are an xbox 360 group of (some)latecomers to ACVD, with a few of our members being new to the series altogether, and our goal is to help each other and have fun playing the game. If you are interested in joining(hopefully not just to have a few seasoned pilots carry you through difficult missions before leaving the team), just send us a request and either me or one of my two team captains will check it. No you do not need to be a frequent online or be an expert, we only screen to see if the prospective member has the means and/or potential to join on the larger team missions that advance our standings, or if they simply are wanting in to be a part of the team for the pure enjoyment of it. If you wish to become a member who joins in sorties for the progress of the group and whichever faction we belong to at that time, your gaming history will be looked at, and you will be battle tested by me and/or my captains. It's not a matter of winning or losing against us, but how well you do. Other than that, sorry for the long post, and for those with questions, feel free to hit me up. Also, if you wish to merge your team with ours, please let me know and we shall discuss it.


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Greetings fellow pilots

29 December 2015 - 09:53 PM

Hello everyone, my name is Leo, I am a resident of the U.S.A, and I've joined the community as a way to keep involved with active players. Unfortunately got into ACVD late, as in I just obtained it a few days ago, although I'm almost through it completely. Brought over my completed save file from ACV so as to not have to go through getting all those parts and decals again. I do have prior AC series experience, from a demo of the very first game along with an actual copy of AC: Master of Arena on PS1, to AC4 and ACFA. Got me a team that's doing ok, it's called Descendant Ravens, so if you guys are interested, we welcome all, just keep it clean. Other than that, thank you for allowing me to become a part of this community, it's nice to meet all of you! Look forward to seeing you on the battlefield, as either an ally or rival

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