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16 April 2016 - 04:37 PM

Well with snipers you wanna go dual shoulders sub comp, if u want to:use missles with snipers i would tune the snipers for acc, as back up you defenetly want to bring a different type of damage laser rifle or heat machinegun, also the 500 fcs is to easy to doge by players because of its tiny lock on size(i belive it 9?)so if u want to go long range go with the 350 fcs but you might want to consider changing it to suit yout different map needs like if its a short map youd be better off with the 200rng fcs because it has a wider lock and will be good for acs runing up on you, also high power booster for maps with alot of buildings then switching to glideboost setup(ba309) on more open maps,n u can make a sniper out of any leg type ive seen them all used effectively just up to the pilotAlso if you havent already theres a thread in this forum somewere for controler setup i suggest you chek it out n switch to it if u havent alreqdy,the set up will allow you to do better maneuvers with your ac P.S. Scan Mode is your best freeennd

This is great info, I will test out that fcs 350 and most of my snipers and rifles are spaced for accuracy I don't like to waste bullets lol. The problem I noticed with my ac is what you mentioned my lack of multiple sources of damage I just noticed I'm all ke lol mmmm I'll head on over to that controller thread and check it out thanks for the advice !

In Topic: New Pilot Here :)

16 April 2016 - 01:35 AM

Im actively recruiting and we have dailys il msg u the details

that sounds awesome ! Looking forward to hearing from you.
I will send you all a PSN friend invite if that's ok with you guys I should be online tomorrow ! Hey what do you think of light weight bipedals as snipers ? I just made one today with dual shields on right side and the sniper with the fastest reload/muzzle speed combination that I have unlocked so far I forget what rifle but it's got I think 1300 mv and I think 120 reload speed and i use a kinfolk rifle as back up when it runs out of ammo it has less mv but more range and faster reload, I think I'm using the long ranged ke missile as well 500 firing range lol idk how it does in pvp but so far it's not a bad little mech for story sortie I've been getting s rank np

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