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In Topic: Describe your personality in a single sentence.

07 March 2017 - 10:51 PM

If you're going to make others your ***** for fun then I hope you don't mind learning how it feels to be someone's ***** for awhile 

In Topic: Armored Core 3 OP-Intensify advice for challenges

26 February 2017 - 08:25 PM

Another update, I finally did it and unlocked all of the OP-Intensify abilities. Turns out the answer was staring me in the face like you were trying to tell me Siphon, used the CROW stealth extensions to stop the massive mt from using his missiles on me while I focused on taking out the other section then I finished him off with the Karasawa. Only thing left is to use your suggestion on the mission with dodging missiles to get that secret part then I believe I'll basically be done with Armored Core 3 and can move onto Silent Line. 

In Topic: Armored Core 3 OP-Intensify advice for challenges

26 February 2017 - 05:11 PM

An update to this thread, I actually managed to unlock every OP-Intensify ability except firing cannons without kneeling which is earned by destroying both parts of the massive mt in the destroy massive mt mission. I have been at it for hours and can't figure out how I'm supposed to do this, even with a consort it doesn't matter because the massive mt keeps coming after me and killing me so if I turn around to fire at the other part with the grenade launchers a swarm of missiles kills me yet when I pay full attention to the massive mt if I don't kill him fast enough a volley of grenades kill me but if I kill him without killing the other part with the grenade launcher before killing him then I get nothing (I already unlocked the ability for just killing him with OP-Intensify enabled). I'm really confused and frustrated as to how I'm supposed to do this, really don't understand why challenges so close to being impossible like this are always thrown in armored core games all the time... 

In Topic: Armored Core 3 OP-Intensify advice for challenges

22 February 2017 - 07:31 PM

Ok I was wondering about the dodging missiles challenge, I had heard somewhere before that you need the CROW stealth extensions to do it but wasn't sure how to use it as with most extensions you just activate it with pressing the left analog stick and it just works for the rest of the fight in the older AC games. I know about the arena opponents and missions you have to use it on, I looked through the thread you posted though and didn't see much, if any, advice on doing those challenges such as strategies, tactics or gear suggestions for beating some of the top arena opponents which are necessary for beating them along with some of the missions you have to use it on since when you use it at first as you know it takes up all the space for optional parts which holds back the AC more than improves it. I think the only one I know I can handle that is a requirement is using the OP-Intensify on the mission to destroy the massive MT which I did with the linear cannon although not so sure on the other missions required for it. I'm wondering if I should be trying to play through the required missions with it first then go through the Arena so that the part doesn't hold my AC back so much at first. 

In Topic: Armored Core 2 Another Age Mission 80 Eliminate Raven AC Weapons Suggestions?

19 February 2017 - 05:10 PM

Fellow AC fans, I have done it. After playing this same mission, dying and resetting my PS2 all weekend long I can finally state that I have beaten one of the most difficult missions in Armored Core history. To start off with how I beat this almost impossible mission, here was my winning AC setup. 





























At the beginning of the battle, as soon as you're given control of your AC immediately turn on your anti-missile extensions and switch to one of your rear grenade launchers. Next, turn a little left and pay attention to the two AC's coming at you. Remember this, the AC on the left is Pit Viper and the AC on the right is Pendulum with Heaven's Blaze AC following close behind those two. Move forward towards them and wait a bit for Pendulum to fall a bit to the ground. When you see him start to fall, hit overboost and steer your AC to the two largest buildings on the map in front of you where all three of the AC's came from. When your energy runs out, quickly hide behind the building on the right to let your energy recharge. Once your energy is recharged, turn on your mirror shield. Now here is where the difficult part comes in, in order from biggest threat to least threat is Pendulum, Pit Viper and Heaven's Blaze. Keep this in mind because this is the order you must kill the 3 AC's or else you will be wasting your time. Pendulum is the biggest threat because he's constantly shooting rockets at you and using your own grenade rifle on you (He has it on his AC too). You have to use your rear grenade launcher to get him into a shocked state where he can't move and do not let up on him! Keep shooting him with your grenades until he goes down, then go after Pit Viper. Now for this AC, he's using a quadruped with a pulse rifle and a rear chaingun. For Pit Viper, you have to get as close as possible when shooting at him to make sure your grenades hit him since he likes to jump around a lot easily dodging your grenades. Now for the last AC, with Heaven's Blaze use similar tactics to Pit Viper although he has reverse-jointed legs and a sniper rifle so his AC is much more maneuverable than yours. Again, get as close as possible and shoot your grenade rifle (by this point, after using your rear grenade launchers on Pit Viper and Pendulum you'll be out of ammo in both). Also, keep in mind that for your shield to be effective to reduce the damage of their attacks you must always keep your AC facing your opponent at all times or it will be rendered useless. Now, even with this extensive strategy its still going to take some amazing luck as well to beat this mission. Meaning sometimes the AI for the AC's in this mission get stuck behind a building or sometimes your AC manages to avoid most of the incoming fire from the three AC's. This magical combination of the AI losing your AC and your AC managing to avoid most of their fire while using this strategy is ultimately what you need to win. Therefore, even with such a heavily defensive and offensive AC as what I have listed here, it's still going to take some luck in your favor. Therefore, you just have to keep using this strategy and restarting the mission over and over again by resetting your PS2 until you win. Also, with this setup since the energy drain is so low your mirror shield actually won't drain your energy gauge at all. 


I don't know how I managed to do it but somehow I kept pushing myself to play this mission despite my strong urge to throw my controller several times (managed to somehow hold back from doing it) along with the hundreds of times I failed and died consistently. All the other tactics and AC combinations I have tried either don't have enough defensive features, the weapons fire too slow or they don't do enough damage. Even the fabled, one and only Karasawa or night sniper rifle are worthless in this mission because they don't do enough damage to the enemy AC's. 


Now, with this virtually impossible mission finally behind me, I can finally move forward in my mission to beat Armored Core 2 Another Age once and for all!  :lol:

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