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Armored Core 3 OP-Intensify advice for challenges

22 February 2017 - 02:42 PM

And with finally finishing Armored Core 2 Another Age this past weekend, I am now moving on to Armored Core 3 to unlock the OP-Intensify upgrades to make playing through Silent Line easier as I have tried it without OP-Intensify and quit after awhile because of how much trouble I was having. I have already beaten Armored Core 3 last summer along with unlocking some of the secret parts like the Karasawa, Moonlight blade, CROW stealth extensions, Mirror shield, etc. (never going to attempt getting the secret part for dodging all the missiles from MT's again, after like 73628764 attempts I gave up). I know theres a list of challenges in AC3 that you have to complete with OP-Intensify equipped in order to unlock the abilities for it although I have been having trouble with some of them. I am going by a list I found for it on the GameFAQS website, I managed to do the first challenge in this list and I'm currently working on the second one where you have to fight and win against Ace in the Arena with OP-Intensify equipped. I'm almost there but have to defeat Royal Mist's Kaiser AC and BB's Tyrant AC before facing Ace. I'm having trouble with Kaiser because his AC is so heavily armored it seems like even the most powerful weapons I have barely do anything to him. Hell, I even pulled out the linear cannon with close to 6000 attack blasting him at point blank range when he tries to get in my face going through all of the ammo for it into him and he still doesn't go down. I have tried using the Karasawa and that doesn't help much either, I know I have great defense as I'm also using a heavily armored AC with the Mirror shield and anti-missile extensions but I'm having trouble finding powerful enough offensive weapons to take him down with. Anyone have any advice on any other powerful weapons I should try using against him? Any advice for any of the other challenges on this list? Is there a secret part of weapon that may help that I missed out on in my initial play-through? 

Armored Core 2 Another Age Mission 80 Eliminate Raven AC Weapons Suggestions?

11 February 2017 - 03:51 PM

I currently have been stuck on this mission for awhile, I have come very close to beating it although I have a slight problem. The mission is in the Zearm desert and you have to eliminate 3 AC's ganging up on you and attacking you in order to pass the mission. On my best attempt, I was actually able to kill two of the three AC's without too much trouble using two ewc-gn-81 grenade launchers. However, where I have trouble with is killing the last AC as by that point in the battle the ammo for both of my grenade launchers run out and I have to rely on an arm weapon to finish the mission. I tried using the ewg-hc-gn210 arm mounted grenade launcher but the problem is it's rate of fire is too slow and it gets me killed whenever I use it on this mission. I have also been using the zes-99/mirror shield which works wonders in missions like this against AC's with insanely powerful weapons such as in the first 9-ball fight in this game. Any suggestions on which right arm weapon I would be able to use to beat the mission? Everything else I have set up for this mission is perfect, all that I need to figure out to finish the mission is which right arm weapon to use. It should also be noted I do use several of the optional parts such as energy weapon boosters, parts decreasing shell and energy weapon damage, etc. you get the idea. Also it should be noted that with this setup I can't use any energy weapons so I'm unable to use my trusty Karasawa Mk.2 and moonlight blade setup. The reason why is because of the mirror shield, I need it to help me stay alive against the onslaught of 3 AC's ganging up on me at once and using an energy weapon along with that causes too much drain which renders the energy shield depleted leaving my AC open to annihilation in seconds. 

Killer64 here

27 September 2016 - 06:03 PM

Hello, I signed up for this forum trying to find out if there are any players willing to help me finish Armored Core 5 and Verdict Day as I have been on a marathon the past few months trying to beat all of the armored core games. I have been a fan of the armored core games since Armored Core 2 released when the PS2 first launched. Here are the games I have managed to beat so far: 


Armored Core

Armored Core Project Phantasma

Armored Core Master of Arena 

Armored Core 2

Armored Core 3

Armored Core Nexus 

Armored Core 4

Armored Core For Answer 


Here are the games I have been having trouble with and could use some advice on: 

Armored Core 2 Another Age 

Armored Core Silent Line 

Armored Core Nine Breaker 

Armored Core Last Raven 

Armored Core 5 

Armored Core Verdict Day 


I know with Armored Core 2 Another Age I had to beat the base game Armored Core 2 twice after learning about how to get the Human PLUS upgrades to make the game easier. I found out the hard way though its much harder to get the Op-Intensify upgrades for AC3 as trying to play Silent Line without that makes it much harder. My favorite setup in most Armored Core games is the common and probably cliche moonlight blade and Karasawa laser rifle setup although in the PS2 games its pretty tough getting those weapons (never want to do the 2 missions to unlock the karasawa in AC3 ever again). Definitely would love some advice from the community if anyone has it on my crazy adventure attempting to beat all of these games  :unsure:


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