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Armored Core Legacy (aka ACL) has two goals: to help preserve the long and rich history of the US/online Armored Core Community, while at the same time being a hub for the community, giving fans and players a strong, healthy, environment to be a part of and participate in outside of the game with our forums and events.


ACL originated as the brain trust of FromCheng and Cleric as their last attempt to pull the AC community from the destructive spiral it found itself in after years of negativity and neglect, in order to bring the US/online community back into a positive light and move ahead. In their effort to do this, they requested the help of Zealous and Tearsin, long time AC and community veterans, knowing their knowledge of the community, event organization skills, and passion for Armored Core would only fuel the effort. The four of them combined have produced what you see now.


FromCheng / Ed – ACL Owner, Server Admin, & Maker of Tea

Cheng is a young prodigy of the PS3 era of Armored Core. Seeing the downtrodden status of the community, he started taking it upon himself to lift things up, becoming a lynchpin over at ACO, as well as becoming a trusted event organizer for the community at large. He has proven he has the skills in and out of the game, that he is a force to be reckoned with.

Cleric / Steve – Technical Advisor & Forums Admin, Negotiator

Cleric was a long-time lurker of the AC community until he decided to engage the forum scene more directly. He became especially vocal during the latter end of the PS2 era, as his levelheaded perspective and insight garnered a warm reception. His attitude remained consistent, as he became a trusted voice of reason, gained moderator status at ACO and established himself as a well-known voice of the community. His passion for Armored Core and the people who play it is unquestionable.

Zealous / Ian – Content Developer, Forum Mod, Seeker of Quad Enlightenment

An unwavering quadruped pilot, Zealous began engaging the U.S. Armored Core community soon after Armored Core 2's release. Starting out with Yahoo groups and then transitioning into the forum scene, he became heavily involved with the tournament community and hosted several Midwest LAN events and gatherings. Eventually, he ended up taking charge of the Midwest's premier regional LAN tournament in Tearsin's stead, helping to keep fans engaged as the PS2 era came to a close. After a four-year community hiatus during the AC4 and For Answer era, Zealous returned to help develop content for ACL and support the AC fan base directly. He strives to help fans make the most out of the current incarnation of Armored Core and keep the community moving forward.


Tearsin / Chris – Content Developer, Forum Mod, Has Lots of Feels

One of the AC community's longest running members, Tearsin returned after a five-year hiatus, finding something much different from what he had left behind. Former founder of one of the community's strongest forums, Tearsin's passion truly lies in competition. He put together some of the most revered and celebrated tournaments and events during the community's golden era, and while often harsh and loud in tone, has been known to find reason where others would not look.




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